Real Roots Cafe (Netherlands) - Album Review (May 6, 2022) 

Thirteen songs about love, forgiveness and second chances. Thirteen songs in an indie country and Americana style, the style that suits Brock Davis best. Thirteen songs that have been dormant in him for a long time and now come from his heart and body. Hence the title of this album: A Song Waiting To Be Sung. Finally, he says in a recent interview, after a hard childhood, a miserable divorce and a job at a Silicon Valley start-up that ended up in a burnout, to express himself, he went back to what he loved best, his favorite thing: the music. Therefore, given this, the whole album exudes positivity. Each song has its own melody and rhythm in which the text and the music complement and reinforce each other. That may sound obvious, but in music it does not have to be. Here, on this album, it's in balance; with the help of, in addition to Brock Davis on vocals, Pat McGrath on acoustic guitar and mandolin; Justin Ostrander on electric guitar; Duncan Mullins on bass; Marcus Finnie on drums; Scotty Sanders and Russ Dahl on pedal steel and Michael Hicks on B3 organ and piano. While the fantastic background vocals come from Kyla Jade, Blair Whitlow, Grant Vogelfanger, Matt Dame, Kristin K. Smith and Tania Hancheroff; in short, a select group of studio musicians who have collaborated with Keb Mo', Taj Mahal, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood and Michael MacDonald, among others. The beautiful clear production of this surprisingly beautiful album is by Brock Davis himself. 

I'm not going to describe the album song by song. The songs form the album, make it a whole and it would take away the magic if I discussed them piece by piece. As a reader, you're already interested, it's up to me to make you more curious and I hope you trust me. A Song Waiting To Be Sung: a beautiful, personal, almost intimate album made with love. First class music with occasional ruffles, real music from a first class musician. 

- Jarl Van Meeteren

John Emms Music Reviews (Canada) - Album Review (April 28, 2022) 

This is a hell of a good album made with Nashville’s top session players. 

Can’t Get Close Enough To You with the huge wash of Michael B Hicks organic Hammond B3 and the gorgeous title track are superb. 

Davis’ vocals are solid and inspiring on the ballads Your One and Only Life and the gorgeous acoustic Second Time Around. 

However I could not find any videos of Davis playing live on YouTube and that is very strange. 

There are a few regular videos made a few years back but that’s it 

If you're going to go out with a big sounding album as this is there should be some live stuff up there. 

Other standouts include I Don’t Want To Be That Guy and the excellent Bullets and Blood. 

Let’s see some of these songs and Brock live. 

- John Emms

(John Emms is a veteran music journalist, Juno Awards Judge, musician with Canada’s Blues Rockers, The Shaftmen and former radio and tv host, as well as a Post Media free lance columnist)

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Antimusic (US) - Album Review (April 15, 2022) 

Brock Davis - A Song Waiting To Be Sung

Singer, guitarist and songwriter Davis waxes reflective on this album's opening cut "I Choose Love," a delicate and sad look at a couple's divorce and the effort to come out of it without bitterness. "I Can't Get Close Enough to You" on the other hand finds Davis singing about the joys of a current relationship, appropriately set to a rocking beat where cooing background vocals add to the sense of elation. Davis puts himself in the shoes of a man singing to his daughter for the tender "Your One and Only Life"; surely the song will resonate with parents everywhere. Guest player Michael Hicks plays Hammond B3 organ on "We Will Rise" which offers a good dose of hopefulness --- something the world and the US in particular surely needs right now --- and the way the pedal steel is played on the song gives the cut a bit of a Jackson Browne feel. While despair mingles with positivity throughout, Davis projects a sense of a man bent not only on surviving but thriving.

- Kevin Wierzbicki

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Music and Such (Germany) - Album Review (April 22, 2022) 

Brock Davis - A Song Waiting To Be Sung

The Canadian-raised singer/songwriter, now based in Santa Cruz, California, has released a new album - A Song Waiting To Be Sung. But not only has one song has been waiting, thirteen songs now have their chance to be presented. The album was recorded in Nashville with top musicians (A-list Nashville session cats). 

Obviously some autobiographical elements have flowed into the lyrics, Davis wrote about the record: Out of the ashes comes rebirth, and out of pain and loss, against all odds, comes love.. The direction should therefore be quite optimistic. Well, he also chose love, as the first song immediately says: "I Choose Love". Here I notice this beautiful atmosphere, which, accompanied by a slight melancholy, immediately draws my mind to my colleague John Gorka. But a touch of Marc Cohn also seems to resonate. 

"I Can't Get Close Enough To You", they get closer with the second song. This one contains more rock elements, roots rock. One of the ladies from the throng of background vocalists pushes her vocals to the fore, and from 2:37 she is passionately in the limelight. They seem to have gotten closer... 

And so the tempi and the moods change over the course of the record, everything can be classified well in the Americana genre. Harmony is something that is very defining in the composition of the songs, every now and then a little touch of country suits them well, like the pedal steel on "I Get It Now". As can be read, the protagonist is said to have been inspired by Bruce Springsteen. A Song Waiting To Be Sung mostly runs in calm waters. Clearly structured songs, classic structure, classic rock paired with different elements, with folk, with country and sometimes a little touch of gospel. 

But I also think of of Bob Dylan when I listen to the title track. I also particularly like the ballad "Second Time Around", quite spartan, decorated with acoustic guitar and mandolin, both played by "First-Call Nashville Session Player", Pat McGrath. In general, the musicians make a decisive contribution to creating this high level of the songs. And Brock Davis puts his pleasantly warm and sympathetic sounding voice over it, creating a pleasant unity.

- Wolfgang Giese

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Rock Doctor (Canada) - Album Review (April 5, 2022) 

A SONG WAITING TO BE SUNG Brock Davis (Raintown Records) ***** 

Here’s the latest from Brock Davis. A Song Waiting To Be Sung is shocking for the emotional truth you’ll find in the tunes, a supple blend of folk and country sounds. He says that seeing Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band on TV when he was 15 was his ‘Beatles on Ed Sullivan moment’- makes sense. This disc is haunting and gorgeous. 

Davis does not wrap things up in a pretty bow neatly finished with happy endings; he confronts childhood trauma, the death of an unsustainable marriage, even the years he stepped away from his love (music) to run a Silicon Valley start-up. A Song Waiting To Be Sung takes us from the darkness into the light of second chances, love, and forgiveness. “Out of the ashes comes rebirth, and out of pain and loss- against all odds- comes love” Brock says. “I repressed so much, and I didn’t really start addressing any of it until I pretty much had a breakdown. The way out was to go back and connect the thing that had always given me the most joy- music. These songs were waiting inside me all this time.” Having had many dark nights of the soul myself, I can relate. 

The 13 tracks on A Song Waiting To Be Sung address some serious emotional themes without clubbing you over the head. I Choose Love, the opening cut, is about detaching from divorce with kindness. All Free was written during the Black Lives Matter protests in the summer of 2020, and one line in the chorus goes, If we’re not all free/ we’re not free at all. Bullets and Blood is the true story of a 30 year love story between a gay male couple in the south and experiencing their kitchen door being shot up in an attempt to run them out of town. Even a dark story like that carries the promise of hope. 

Song Waiting To Be Sung is also a great sounding record. It was recorded and mixed in Nashville by Grammy Award-winning engineer Zach Allen (Keb’ Mo, Christone “Kingfish” Ingram) and produced by Brock. The band is a who’s who of Nashville A-listers whose credits include working with Keb’ Mo, Taj Mahal, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Alan Jackson and Michael McDonald. “I can’t imagine working with a better band” Brock enthuses. “In one long, very creative day, we laid down all the tracks for the entire record.” 

This disc often feels ‘country’, but there’s a lot more going here than whiskey, your mama and pick-up trucks. A combination of intelligent, deeply personal, emotionally honest songs and a warm, inviting voice along with frankly superior musicianship make A Song Waiting To Be Sung a must-have. This is quite excellent. 

HOT TRACKS: All Free, I Choose Love, Bullets and Blood

- John Kereiff

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Rocking Magpie (UK) - Album Review (April 1, 2022) 

Brock Davis - A Song Waiting To Be Sung 

Intimate, Personal and Imaginative Songs That Create a Musical Novella 

On the day this album was released we had a choice between 14 albums to review …. which left me feeling a bit like Damocles in the Bible; having to choose what to review and what to miss out. 

But you can thank my trusty IPhone for picking out a track from this release last night on my way home from work ….. which in turn reminded me how much I’d enjoyed the album a month or so ago. 

When you know a little of Davis’s background it helps appreciate the cathartic way he confronts childhood trauma; the demise of an unsustainable marriage; and recent years going 100 miles an hour running a Silicon Valley startup and coming out the other side relatively unscathed. 

Straddling Country Rock and Americana storytelling with ease; the album starts with I Choose Love, a delicate and introspective tale about his divorce; but with the narrator choosing to remember their early days and the love and happier times that they had once shared; but no longer can. 

Davis immediately cranks up the tempo on the following track Can’t Get Close Enough To You which actually ‘punches well above its weight’ as Davis shows his powerful vocal range on a blistering song that reminded me a bit of a Bob Seger track; whose name I can’t remember! 

Later Brock treads a similar, but much softer and path with Second Time Around; as Brock sings about a real life ‘second chance’ love affair; which was the track my IPhone played; and a song I’ve come back to it a few times in the intervening days. 

I love the way Davis uses and changes the mood right throughout the album; he drops in Soft Rockers like Bet on Love and the intense We Will Rise while surrounding them with beautiful passionate and powerful Marking Time and I Get It Now; which somehow seem more intimate when juxtaposed alongside the more commercial numbers. 

Because of the variety in Davis’s writing selecting a Favourite Song has been as difficult as usual. At first it was going to be the brooding title track; A Song Waiting to Be Sung, which builds and builds until it becomes a crescendo; and it’s immediately followed by the beautiful Your One and Only Life; which is for and about the singer’s daughter ….. and will touch the heart of many who hear it. 

Then; there is the bravest song I’ve heard in years …… Bullets and Blood. The first night I heard it I couldn’t believe my ears ….. and had to take it back to the beginning and listen intently! Phew! The melody is as Country as Country gets ….. but the lyrics will set your average redneck’s hair on end; as Brock dictates a story of ‘the love that cannot be named’ …… sadly in 2022, Gay Love is still a taboo subject and I applaud Brock Davis for having the chutzpah to not just write this song but release it too …. and for that it’s my Favourite Song here. 

There’s a lot going on in Brock Davis’ songs, with no two being not just the same; but not even similar; yet when arranged like this create a musical novella; worthy of a much bigger audience than the album is; sadly likely to receive.

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Americana Highways (USA) - Album Review (March 7, 2022) 

Brock Davis has a new album out, A Song Waiting to Be Sung, released on Rainwater Records. A Song Waiting To Be Sung was recorded and mixed in Nashville by Grammy Award-winning engineer Zach Allen (Keb’ Mo’, Christone “Kingfish” Ingram) at “Ronnie’s Place” in Nashville.  The album was produced by Brock, with an emphasis on crisp modern fidelity. 

A Song Waiting to Be Sung is Marcus Finnie on drums; Duncan Mullins on bass; Pat McGrath on acoustic guitar and mandolin; Justin Ostrander (Lori McKenna) on electric guitar; Scotty Sanders and Russ Pahl (Yola) on pedal and lap steel;  Michael Hicks on B3 Organ and piano; Brock Davis on vocals. 
Backing vocals are courtesy of Kyla Jade, Blair Whitlow, Tania Hancheroff, Kristin K. Smith, Matt Dame, and Grant Vogelfanger. 

“Choose Love” is a mournful song, opening the album with a showcase of Brock Davis’ richly textured vocals.  “Every step that we take, takes us farther away, we can give in to hate but it’s a steep price to pay.”  This is clearly about more than just one relationship. 

“Can’t Get Close Enough to You” turns the page to a more optimistic outlook with a cheerful rhythms. “I Get it Now” is a country song, with soaring energy and far more lyrical depth than your average fare, a tear-jerker with nostalgia. “I was shooting hoops with my boy last night in the driveway.” 

“All Free” folds in southern rock guitar with a hint of pedal steel in an earnest, declarative song on humanity and fairness. The vocal harmonies here are chilling.  “Second Time Around” is a gentle acoustic number with mandolin and understated lyrics in a song about the perfect second chance. 

This is a quality country album, with thoughtful emotion, compelling vocals, and vibrant harmonies. The songwriting intends to make you cry just a little, and smile a little bit more.

- Elise Cady

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Written In Music (Netherlands) - Album Review (March 23, 2022) 

Brock Davis - A Song Waiting To Be Sung (translated from original Dutch)

Brock Davis grew up in a modest industrial town near Vancouver, having been a musician for many years. Family life and a demanding job put those musical activities in the background for a long time. The longing gnawed at him and so now he regularly commutes from Santa Cruz to Nashville. In Ronnie's Place, the studio that countryman Ronnie Millsap once took over from Roy Orbison, Davis found the right place. His songs didn't have to wait any longer, with the help of reputed studio musicians and audio engineering from Zach Allen, the sessions were completed in an organic, self-produced setting. 

Thirteen songs that are mainly inspired by Davis' experiences, the difficult moments are not ignored, such as the opener I Choose Love in which the aftermath of a divorce is described, a tender song with solitary slide and subtle background vocals. Sensitive country folk that contrasts sharply with the solid roots rock of Can't Get Close Enough To You and the tight rocking with lap steel electrifying We Will Rise, it is not the only song that radiates optimism from a dark starting perspective. 

The gospel-tinged All Free was created as a result of the Black Lives Matters protest, Bullets and Blood and the I Don't Wanna Be That Guy, based on twanging guitar and pedal steel, are also situated in a broader, socially engaged context. On a first listen, the opening track quoted earlier and above all the title song remain. “These old hands have played a song or two, I look at yours and I wonder what they'll do, my simple dream is lying in my arms, a tiny son”. A Song Waiting To Be Sung is a heartfelt ode from a young proud father. A deadly honest approach that often resounds in the excellent song work of Brock Davis. 

- Cis van Looy

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Cool Tourist (Germany) - Album Review (March 23, 2022) 

Brock Davis: A Song Waiting To Be Sung ****  (translated from original German)

Raintown Records (US 2022) 
Produced by Brock Davis 
13 tracks - 45:50 mins 

Brock Davis has taken a break, maybe that's called paternity leave, time for the family, time to find yourself again. His son Keith was born in 2006, and 15 years later his musical passion gripped him again, various songs were stored in the drawer and there was also time for a recording session in Ronnie's Place Studio in Nashville with audio engineering by Zach Allen. The journey from Santa Cruz, California was definitely worth it, the songs waiting to be sung are in the can, and the CD of the same name presents 13 tracks of solid quality. 

Brock Davis' musical spectrum ranges from mainstream rock like Tom Petty or Rick Springfield to melodic country pop in the style of Jesse Brewster with extremely radio-friendly hooks. In addition to a few more clichéd love songs, there are also gripping tracks such as the dynamic "Can't Get Close Enough To You" and the autobiographical "I Get It Now", a song in which Brock Davis talks about a former coach, whose advice he unfortunately only followed later as an adult: "I didn't get it then / oh but how - I get it now". The title song tells of the birth of his son: "The dawn is breaking, I'm the world's most lucky man / I've heard the secret and now I understand ... my simple dream is lying in my arms - a tiny son". The gospel-like song "We Will Rise" also exudes great optimism with its anthemic background vocals and a smoky Hammond organ by Michael Hicks. "All Free" conveys a message against everyday racism: "If we're not all free / Then we're not free at all". 

All in all, this CD is also a kind of self-medication by the musician Brock Davis, a way out of various life crises and a new start - "Second Time Around". Fingers crossed, broad attention would be deserved.

- Wolfgang Reitzammer

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Musikbloggen67 (Sweden) - Album Review (March 13, 2022) 

Brock Davis / A Song Waiting To Be Sung (translated from original Swedish)

“A consistently good album with many standout tracks.” 

Brock Davis' latest album “A Song Waiting To Be Sung” will be released on 2022-03-11. Brock Davis comes from a small town near Vancouver, Canada but today he divides his time between Santa Cruz, California and Nashville, Tennessee. The music is Americana, Indie Country, Folk and Rock n Roll. Brock's interest in music took off when he saw Bruce Springsteen with the E-Street Band on TV when he was 15 years old. With him in the studio, he has 13 fellow musicians. Brock wrote or co-wrote all the songs himself. 

In an attempt to describe Brock Davis, I think that he sounds most like John Hiatt and not so much Bruce Springsteen. Here he has created a consistently good album with many standout tracks. With other records, you might want to opt out of a few songs that weigh down the result, but that’s not the case on this album. 

Songs to begin with: #2 Can’t Get Close Enough To You, #4 All Free. #5 A Song Waiting To Be Sung. #12 Any Lie 

Rating 4 out of 5

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Lonestar Time (Italy) - Album Review (March 10, 2022) 

Brock Davis - A Song Waiting To Be Sung (translated from original Italian)

Brock Davis has had an intense life, from childhood traumas in his native Canadian land to a marriage that caused more pain than joy, to work experiences that were anything but positive, with music being his first love but subsequently relegated almost to the bottom of his thoughts. 

The re-emergence of his love for music, the desire to reset everything and somehow recover life marked a new beginning that Brock Davis rightly thought of as inspiration for the stories that make up "A Song Waiting To Be Sung", an interesting series of vignettes between rock and roots that brings the musician, who now divides his time between Santa Cruz, California and Nashville, back to focus on the things that really matter in life. 

And his youthful loves re-emerge, Beatles and Bruce Springsteen inevitably for one of his generation, but also the songwriters who in the seventies brought intimate and personal considerations back to the fore after the dreams and utopias of the previous decade such as Jackson Browne and James Taylor for example, mixing country and folk in a creative and personal way. 

The songs on this album are often reflections that involve deep emotions, sometimes raw, sometimes gentle, always with a sincere and intense spirit. Electric guitars at certain moments emerge to underline the deepest feelings but there are many songs that showcase poetic reflections and excellent workmanship, inevitably taking up the lesson of Dylan but not forgetting the most relevant facts of the society in which we live. 

From the cry between rock and gospel of "All Free" inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement to the intense title-track "A Song Waiting To Be Sung" with all its expressive urgency, from the rock of "Can't Get Close Enough To You to the intensely personal country songwriting of “Second Time Around” and “Bet On Love”, everything contributes to drawing a picture of good value that deserves to be known and appreciated. Nothing revolutionary, but here is the strength of an authentic artist who is not afraid to get naked. 

- Remo Ricaldone

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Baretta Magazine (Sweden) - Album Review (February 28, 2022) 

Brock Davis - A Song Waiting To Be Sung (translated from original Swedish) 

We all face adversity at different times in life. How hard adversity stops us in our tracks depends on how we process it. Now there is no miracle cure that always works, it is often up to the individual how we handle or do not handle it. The last resort, however, may be to create a burning bomb that eventually puts a stop to it. 

That's what happened to Brock Davis. Various events eventually led to a collapse. The way out of it for Brock was through the music which has given him joy throughout his life. So in principle you can say that "A Song Waiting To Be Sung" is Brock's own cure to come back and feel better again. And it worked. An electric-driven Americana album with a hopeful tone. Not surprisingly, there are some of his dark moments in the songs, but there are also a lot of bright and hopeful lyrics. 

In his best moments, Brock writes fantastic lyrics and there are some such songs on the album when everything falls into place: the music, the lyrics and the performance. The initial track "I Choose Love" is one, "All Free” another. Even the title track "A Song Waiting To Be Sung" is in itself a small masterpiece. 

"Second Time Around", is an autobiographical love song about reviving an old love. According to Brock, every detail of the song is true. He co-wrote it with his former and current girlfriend who also lives in Nashville and is a songwriter. 

Brock Davis' great role model and the artist who made him want to become a musician and writer is Bruce Springsteen. Brock says that when he saw Bruce and his band on TV during one of the band's many fantastic concerts, he was struck. Like Springsteen, his songs are often about romantic depictions of the common man, the hardships of life and small but gentle successes. And the dream of a better life - a dream that drives the characters of the song forward. The album was released in March, but I would think that in Sweden you might find it in import record stores such as Galleys or maybe Bengans in Gothenburg that usually have a good view of most artists. Might be a little crazy to get hold of, but the choice will pay off when you take home the album. (TB)

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Rootstime (Belgium) - Album Review (February 26, 2022) 

Brock Davis - A Song Waiting To Be Sung (Translated from original Dutch)

Singer-songwriter Brock Davis grew up in a small town near Vancouver, Canada, but he moved to sunnier places when he moved to Santa Cruz, California. For the recording of his new album “A Song Waiting To Be Sung” he even went to the country capital Nashville in Tennessee. He recorded thirteen emotional folk and country songs for that record about love, loss and the search for peace.

He brings those songs to beautifully orchestrated melodies with some seasoned session musicians from Nashville. The music is played by Pat McGrath on acoustic guitar and mandolin, Justin Ostrander on electric guitar, Duncan Mullins on bass guitar and Marcus Finnie on drums. Guest musicians Scotty Sanders and Russ Pahl played pedal steel on some tracks and Michael Hicks sat behind the Hammond B3 organ and piano for a few songs. The backing vocals were provided by six singers on this album, produced by Brock Davis himself, which will be officially released on the record market on March 11th.

With his warm voice he sings songs about how he chooses life and love in “I Choose Love”, “Bet On Love” and in “Your One And Only Life”. A second chance at love is pursued in the songs "Can't Get Close Enough To You", "I Get It Now", the Hammond organ tune "We Will Rise" and in the country ballad "Second Time Around". Other relational issues and social injustices are discussed in “All Free”, “Any Lie”, “Bullets And Blood” about homophobia and the closing track “I Don't Wanna Be That Guy”. The very professionally orchestrated album title track “A Song Waiting To Be Sung” which Brock Davis wrote back in 2006 on the night of January 22nd after his first son was born is our favorite song from this record, next to “Your One And Only Life”.

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Rootsville (Belgium) - Album Review (February 22, 2022) 

Brock Davis - A Song Waiting To Be Sung (translated from original Dutch)

Brock Davis searches for emotional truth. As a songwriter, he sinks deep below the surface to return with songs about love, loss and redemption that are honest, real and often heartbreakingly beautiful. His music blends the fingerstyle acoustic guitar of contemporary folk with the howling Telecasters and the swirling B3 organ of roots rock, richly spiced up with the slide guitar and rural landscapes of country music. Now based in Santa Cruz, California, Brock grew up in a small mill town near Vancouver, Canada and those small-town roots are reflected in his writing. 

Brock is an accomplished performer who has worked in the bars and clubs for many years. He just finished recording his latest album, "A Song Waiting To Be Sung" at Ronnie's Place Studio in Nashville, TN, featuring some of Nashville's top musicians. Brock was initially inspired by Bruce Springsteen. His songs share with Springsteen an exciting sense of romantic optimism. As much as the songs plunge into darkness, they always radiate a ray of hope. 

The new "A Song Waiting To Be Sung" includes 13 songs and goes from intimate singer songwriting like on "I Get It Now" to the loud roots rock with "Can't Get Close Enough To You", on which the backing vox gives you shivers at times. The title track not only contains the warmth of Brock's voice but also the grooves of a B-3, just like on the wonderful "We Will Rise". On "Any Lie" the country and twang push through and he closes with "I Don't Wanna Be That Guy”. He don't want it, but is the guy...

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Keys and Chords (Belgium) - Article (February 7, 2022) 

New Release From Brock Davis (translated from original Dutch)

Brock Davis searches for emotional truths in his album 'A Song Waiting To Be Sung'. As a songwriter, he descends deep below the surface, to return with songs about love, loss and redemption. Songs that are honest, real and often heartbreakingly beautiful. In his original music, Brock mixes fingerstyle acoustic guitar tunes from contemporary folk with almost howling electric guitars, mandolin, bass drums, a lot of backing vocals, piano and swirling Hammond B3 organ. Thirteen roots rock and country songs, richly spiced up with acoustic and slide guitar.

Based in Santa Cruz, California, Brock grew up in a small mill town near Vancouver, Canada. Brock is an accomplished singer who has worked in bars and clubs for many years. He has just finished recording his latest album, 'A Song Waiting To Be Sung'. To do this, he traveled to the acclaimed Ronnie's Place Studio in Nashville, TN, and worked with some of Nashville's most up-and-coming musicians. His warm voice and Pat McGrath's guitar strings are heavenly. Expect thirteen beautiful country roots songs. Good looking! 

- Philip Verhaege 

4 out of 5 stars

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