Al Country NL (Netherlands) - Album Review (May 3, 2022)

He can sing, this Brock Davis. And with A Song Waiting To Be Sung (Raintown Records) he also has something to say. Don't expect too many surprising insights, but do expect personal stories about the ups and downs of life. On I Get It Now his voice occasionally reminds me of Jimmy LaFave. In terms of style, it also goes a bit in that direction. The Canadian who lives in California makes a kind of heartland rock, which is also influenced by the work of John Mellencamp. Especially when the gospel choir joins in. The album was recorded in Nashville by experienced professionals, making the sound extremely professional. Springsteen's glorious approach isn't far away either. A pulling organ here and a slide guitar there, or a dash of steel guitar if that's appropriate. Smooth and just not too smooth; it comes across as professional studio work in which the studio musicians have done their thing with great feeling. 

- John Gjaltema

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